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Comprehensive VoIP Solutions

TechProComputer is a reseller of enterprise-class VoIP alternatives to costly internal PBX systems and expensive long distance bills. We recommend these solutions for businesses with any number of individual phones.


Based on the latest and best technology, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions allow organizations with a high-speed Internet connection to make unlimited calls anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for as little as $25.00 per month, per phone. In addition to great calling plans, our VoIP products offer all the features you would expect from an enterprise-class phone system – without the expensive monthly phone bills!


By using software hosted from powerfull servers we are able to provide reliable, cutting-edge voice services to all of our customers over a simple internet connection. With our hosted solution there will be no equipment at your location, while still giving you access to powerful features usually reserved for large expensive phone systems. Using specially configured VoIP phones we are able to provide extremely adaptable solutions to all varieties of small businesses - you can get access to the future of telecommunications today for often less then you currently pay.


Significant cost savings

With unlimited long distance calling in the U.S. and Canada and affordable monthly service plans, VoIP can save your organization up to 40% on your monthly telecommunications bills. Because our VoIP products are hosted solutions, there is no expensive PBX system to purchase and maintain.


Fully scalable phone system

if you want more than one phone at your site, simply purchase the new phones and plug them in to an ethernet connection.


Pay for one line only

You no longer have to pay for a phone line for every phone, allowing you to get more for less.


Your phones integrated with your PC

A customizable PC interface puts all basic and advanced features at your fingertips, reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity. Whether you're an operator handling all of a department's calls or a manager with an important client, you can easily drag and drop to transfer or conference a call, and point and click to call contacts or listen to voice mail. When calling or transferring, users can pick from a list of extensions and see in advance who is already on a call, saving time while letting you avoid interruptions.


No PC? No problem

Even without a PC, phone users hear simple, verbal menus to guide them through all call handling actions (transfer, conference, park, call forwarding), voice mail options, and account setup.


Location independent phones

Changing offices? Suites? Buildings? Simply take your VoIP phone where ever you go, and when you get there plug it into a network and you're up and running, keeping your normal number and extension.



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